How to create Visualizations and connect Power BI to different Sources

Power BI is an important tool and famous tool for business intelligence, In this article, we will go over some basics of how to use Power BI, which will include.

  1. Connecting Power BI to google analytics
  2. Connecting Power BI to an external API
  3. Connecting Power BI to a SQL Database

Connecting Power BI to google analytics

Step 1

Connect Power BI to google analytics by clicking on the Get Data icon in the top bar, and in the list of available sources select google analytics as a source.

Integrate GA and then select the different metrics/ desired chart time and filters for the report

Step 2– Change dates 

Then going forward you can change dates to get the report for the desired time frame

Steps 3

Add the required reports to a dashboard


STEP 1 – Get Data 

Click the Get Data icon and select the web option.

Step 2 – API Credentials

Select the Advanced option, provide the API URL , and provide additional request header parameters based on the API

Step 3 – Required Visualizations

Select the required visualizations and plot the data.


STEP 1- Select SQL Database

Select the SQL database option from the get data tab and put the URL and the port of the database in the next popup.

Step 2

Provide credentials for the database

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