About Me

For me learnign Data Engineering and Machine learning was a mix a lot of MOOC’s and self study.

But, I always felt a need of how is the real work inside a company, what can I do to help other’s imagine this and help them build the confidence that they too can succeed.  

I am also open to work with companies on their Data engineering and machine learning problems.

Here are the List of Courses I have Completed to develop my knowledge.

Core Courses                                     
Build a Modern Computer from
First Principles: From Nand to Tetris 
  View Certificate  
Build a Modern Computer from
First Principles: Nand to Tetris Part II
View Certificate
Algorithms: Design and Analysis – Stanford. View Certificate
Algorithms: Design and Analysis Part 2 – Stanford View Certificate
Software Construction: Data Abstraction – UBC View Certificate
Software Construction: Object-Oriented Design
View Certificate

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for computer science specialization

Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science View Certificate
Combinatorics and Probability View Certificate
Introduction to Graph Theory View Certificate
Number Theory and Cryptography View Certificate

Introduction To Big Data 

Introduction to Big Data View Certificate
Big Data Modeling and Management Systems View Certificate
Big Data Integration and Processing View Certificate  
Machine Learning With Big Data View Certificate
Graph Analytics for Big Data View Certificate 

Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence Specialization

Database Management Essentials View Certificate
Data Warehouse Concepts, Design,
and Data Integration
View Certificate
Relational Database Support for Data
View Certificate
Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and
View Certificate 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning: Classification View Certificate 
Machine Learning: Regression View Certificate

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