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Complete Guide To Mastering and Optimizing Google Bigquery

Complete Guide To Mastering and Optimizing Google Bigquery

If you are looking to get started with Bigquery, here are the concepts that you need to be familiar with so you can get the most optimum results from Google Bigquery. Table Partitioning It is useful to use the date time column to partition Bigquery datasets, this helps with the improvement of performance. If a date-time column is not available in the data set, you can use the ingestion time to partition the data set. Clustered Tables You can further optimize your queries in Bigquery by clustering according to some rows. You should cluster based on the most used rows for your queries. The query below will be optimized based on wiki and table Nested Data Bigquery works best with denormalized data, so the use of nested data and repeated fields is recommended over star schema or snowflake schema. A good example of this is a library, usually in a[…]

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