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Simple and Complete Tutorial on Simple Linear Regression

Simple and Complete Tutorial on Simple Linear Regression

Linear regression is the first stepping stone into machine learning and So, rather than just being content with a simple explanation, use it to refresh concepts related to linear algebra, statistics, and calculus. Simple linear regression and multiple linear regression are important algorithms that are widely used. So, here are the steps needed to master simple regression. Different Topics Covered In The Algorithm Simple Explanation Of Linear Regression How to Prepare your data for linear Regression Why and when you should use linear regression Least squares method for solving linear regression Definition in less than 100 words If there is a linear relationship between Y a dependent variable,  and X(independent variable) such that the linear relationship between the 2 variables can be represented by a straight line (called regression line). Y= Mx +c Preprocessing Of Data Before Getting Started With Linear Regression Remove Noise. Linear regression assumes that your input[…]

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