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Best Practices For Data Modeling in Power BI

Best Practices For Data Modeling in Power BI

For ensuring the top performance of your Power BI dashboard, you need to pay particular attention to data modeling. Here are the most recommended practices that you need to take into account:- Do not use wide tables – There a lot of issues that can crop up because of the use of wide tables. The most common issue is simply performance. In a wide table, you are adding redundant values, again and again, so you are not making the most optimum use of your memory. In case your dataset keeps growing you can simply run out of memory Other issues that can crop up due to wide tables is building relationships between two wide tables, you can end up with bi-directional and M-N relationships that can be difficult to work with. To overcome these issues, it is recommended highly to use a star schema or a constellation schema for the[…]

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