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Learning HBASE data model and important shell commands

Learning HBASE data model and important shell commands

Why we need to work with HBASE HDFS is good for sequential data access, but it lacks the random read/write capability. HBase runs on top of the Hadoop File System and provides read and write access. It is extremely fault-tolerant for storage of sparse data. Data Model in HBase The different components of Apache HBase data model are tables Rows, Column Families, Columns, Cells and Versions. Table Hbase tables are made up of multiple rows stored according to their respective row keys in the table Row Each rows has a row key and corresponding to it you can have one or multiple column families/columns.  Design row key in such a way that, related entities should be stored in adjacent rows to increase read efficacy. This helps to avoid hotspotting on a particular node which basically means that most of the read and write operations are not using a single region server.[…]

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