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How to Setup Hive with Hadoop on Google Cloud

How to Setup Hive with Hadoop on Google Cloud

Starting off with big data, basically, every small thing is a task and it takes time and energy to understand stuff. What is Hadoop Big data is so big that at one point it will be impossible to keep it on the same disk. So, you have to have a distributed system to manage this amount of data. Hadoop takes a big data file and distributes it on different clusters with replication because it is inevitable that some clusters will crash or have problems. Hadoop is based on a framework developed by Google but it was Yahoo that propagated and helped the open source project. What is Hive Apache Hive is a system that helps data scientist to perform SQL like queries on data files stored on Hadoop. For this reason, it is super-useful as it basically converts stored data files into SQL databases. For this exercise, we are going[…]

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